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Forklift Exchange Inc is now a distributor for JMG Electric Cranes.  

JMG Cranes is a global leader in designing and manufacturing electrical battery-operated Pick & Carry Cranes that find application in various industrial fields.

Forklift Exchange is the exclusive distributor in the USA for the JMG Electric Forklift-Crane.


The radio-remote-controlled forklift cranes are designed to combine the multi-functionality and convenience of forks with the lifting potential of hydraulic boom cranes.

With sliding ballast units, these ultra-compact machines can mount with either the hydraulic fork or the hydraulic boom on the plate on the mast.


Radio Remote Controlled

JMG's radio-remote-controlled cranes are designed to perform optimal maneuvers in narrow spaces, while allowing the operator to control the machine from a safe distance.

Cabinate Cabin Cruise

The cabin cruise models use a dual-option control system, which enables operators to pilot the machine directly or through radio-remote control.

Lige Cabin Cruise

The Lige product line is comprised of electric battery-operated Pick & Carry cranes, designed to guarantee agile and precise performances in small spaces with full visibility.

Carry Deck Cranes

Carry deck models are equipped with an articulated telescopic boom, making them ideal for industrial maintenance. Compact, powerful, and easy to maneuver, these cranes guarantee high precision movements.

Telescopic Forklift

JMG's telescopic forklift is designed to integrate an 8 ton hydraulic fork with a 12 ton max capacity. Fitted with radio-remote-control, these lifts are ideal for vertical lift usage.

Lifter Cranes

The lifter line features an innovative steering system which creates responsive and synchronous movements. Fully dismountable, these cranes can be easily compacted and transported.