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Forklift Rental in Chicago and Fort Myers ​

Forklift Exchange offers one of the largest selection of forklift rentals out of Chicago, IL and Fort Myers, FL. We are equipped to offer competitive rates on used or new forklift rentals.

With some of the best rates on liftruck rentals, our forklifts can be rented by the day, week, month or even year. In the event of an emergency breakdown, we have units available right away to keep your business going!

  • Cushion Tire IC Forklifts
    Pricing starting at $475.00

  • Pneumatic Tire IC Forklifts
    Pricing starting at $425.00

  • Extendable Counterweight IC Forklifts
    Pricing starting at $900.00

  • Marina Pneumatic Forklifts
    Pricing is customized to capacity

Contact us for a breakdown of our rates and unit info: Info@forkliftexchange.com