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Family Owned for Over 40 Years​

Marty Flaska started Forklift Exchange out of his garage in 1980 with the help from his younger brother, Mike Flaska. Both Flaska men grew up watching and assisting their father in his small forklift repair shop, learning the ins and outs of the material handling machinery. With a strong foundation, the Flaska brothers were able to quickly develop a strong customers base, allowing the company to outgrow both the garage and three suburban locations in less than 25 years.

Forklift Exchange now operates in several states nationwide. The company’s expertise in the wholesale of material handling equipment and high-capacity forklifts spans across a wide array of lines from Hoist Liftruck, Toyota, Taylor, Kalmar and every brand of unit in-between.

We’ve perfected the wholesale model by bringing equipment into our facility, where a team of in-house technicians are available 24/7. Cutting out the need for a middleman has provided us complete control over the rebuild process to the final sale.


Founder and Owner

Marty started Forklift Exchange with his brother out of a garage in 1980. Known for his unstoppable sales nature, Marty has grown this start-up into a nationwide business building relationships with companies in a vast array of industries that use material handling equipment.



Mike joined his brother Marty’s business in 1980 after shadowing his father in the forklift industry for many years prior. Mike’s known for his good-natured personality with a keen ability to sell. He specializes in our used equipment business and oversees the sales team. 



Vince has been with the Forklift Exchange team since his college days. With a background in finance and high-capacity equipment, Vince specializes in negotiating deals and determining the best price for rentals and used equipment sales.



Maxx spent summers and winters interning with the Forklift Exchange team throughout college. He helped with equipment purchasing and learned the sales ropes at a young age. After college, Maxx joined forces with the family business, and has a great handle on the ins and outs of material handling industry with a speciality in high-capacity forklifts. 



Luke, the youngest of the three Flaska brothers, graduated from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in 2023 with a focus in finance & operations. He now manages the day to day operations of the Flaska Family businesses.


National Account Manager

Mikes’s son. Jason has been with the family business for over 20 years. Worked summers through high school. Broad overall knowledge with High Capacity Forklifts. Family man who focuses on his kids when not working.